My brothers keeper.

Just a little emotional blog about my big brother…… and I’m already crying! Ha!

A little over a week ago my wife and I had our wedding, and officially became married. Wedding planning is super shitty and stressful, and I would much rather recommend eloping! 😂

However, my brother made it just a tad bit easier. Brandan and I are three years apart. We are complete polar opposites and rarely agree on anything, except that I’m the better looking kid. (He’ll never admit to it…. but he knows I’m right.)….. I’m semi kidding. We do agree on one thing… it’s family. Brandan and I are the only family each other has. We have each other’s backs, pick each other up, and never leave each other behind. So when I realized I was asking Marisa to marry me, I knew I wanted to have the honor of walking with my bubba down the isle to my woman. I knew I wanted to share a dance with him that was beyond meaningful Because he’s more than just brother, he’s my best friend.

Brandan stepped up a ton in my life about two years ago. He became a father figure to me with guidance, advice, terrible dad jokes, and unwanted sports information. It didn’t matter to my brother that I was gay, straight or whatever. He was there, without question or hesitation, and he didn’t leave. I know for a fact that I don’t tell him enough that I appreciate him, or how lost I would be without him.

You’re my hero. (Every little sister says this, but there’s a little more meaning to it for me). I’ve called you countless times in tears over our parents, and each time you tell me “breathe. It’s okay, you don’t deserve this, and I’m here for you”. From building rocket ships out of boxes in the yard, to sharing French fries, to long drives with really loud music…. you’ve saved my life with all of these little things.

Our dance met the world and so much more to me. “I’ve been watching over you like, older brothers do… since the day you were born”, when that line came on… my tears were coming down full force. Because you’ve never stopped watching over me. It didn’t matter how many miles away we were from each other, you were right beside me in a heart beat.


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