Because friendships, are bullshit.

**disclaimer: if you get offended by this blog and the truth that’s in it, then clearly you were one of the people that help me write this.

Lately, I’ve been really questioning people’s motives with being apart of my life. One lesson I’ve learned since becoming an adult is “if you’re not losing friends, you’re not growing”. I use to think that line was a complete joke, because friends will always be there… right….? The ugly truth is no, they won’t be.

In the last several months, I’ve learned that sometimes people can totally suck and only be in your life to benefit themselves. It makes them feel good to be apart of someone’s life that’s doing good, but when shit hit the fan… they bounced. When it came to having awesome girl time and just hanging out, lies began to unfold about being “busy”, instead of simply saying “no, it’s not a priority”. Excuses, to lies, to pictures of what they were really doing posted on social media, and that my dears… fucking sucks to see.

I don’t really have friends anymore, and I’m fine with that. I have a loving family with awesome women! We’ve created a bond that doesn’t depend on drunken nights, and constant conversation. Two live in different states, and three live here in my home town. The amount of empowerment we bring each other, is up lifting. The amount of honesty we have, is amazing. The amount of trust and faith we have in each other, is inspiring. I’m learning that these women, are my go to’s for everything. They understand me, I understand them… and we all understand that life is seriously freaking busy. We have babies on the way, school, work, relationships, projects, vacations and so on.

Friendships can kiss my ass, because sisterhood is what it’s all about. āœŒšŸ»

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