I’m just the “care giver”.

My job sometimes can be extremely demanding, stressful, exhausting, and heart breaking…… and at the end of every day, I’m just the care giver.

1. All you do is wipe a**. You’re on some type of CNA power trip.

A: well my fellow human. You’re right… I do wipe a** quite a bit. But did you know, that as people get older they are more likely to get infection…. everywhere….. including the places I wipe. Also, do you know what skin breakdown is? Thank god I try my best to wipe a**, to reduce infections and skin irritation. Because some of the wounds I’ve seen, would probably make you collapse.

2. All you do is deal with people that are loosing their mind. It can’t be that hard.

A: you’re right. It can’t be… all the time. Some days it’s really fun and we dance around and laugh and tell jokes. Some days though, are dark. Have you ever seen someone suffer from the inside out and not be able to communicate it? Someone crying for help, but they don’t know what’s wrong? What about someone who lays in bed 24/7 because their brain has betrayed them and has been taken over by a violent disease? Some days, it’s not that hard. Some days, I come home crying because I wish there was a cure for Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Some days I come home and ice the bruises from being punched, smacked, kicked, scratched and so on. But some days it really isn’t “that hard”.

3. Wow, so you’ve seen a dead body?

A: this is the only thing I HATE about my job. I’ve seen dead bodies. I’ve seen people take their last breath. I’ve seen people hang on in so much pain that they are excepting their fate and want to be on the other side. Is seeing a dead body cool? No. It’s not. Seeing a lifeless shell of someone that use to sparkle and live…. is not cool. I’ve comforted family members who would try their best to prepare for the loss of a loved one…. but not realize that no amount of planning or preparing can take away the void in their heart.

4. So like, do you only work there to wear scrubs?

A: oh brother. Well although scrubs can be considered super cute and comfy…. the things that have been on mine would probably terrify you. I’ve had BM, urine, vomit, blood from someone busting open their head, a catheter bag explode on me, spit up from someone that was dying, snot, spit…. basically anything you can think of. Do I think my scrubs are the best thing since sliced bread? Sure. When they’re brand new. Do I only do my job to wear them? No…. I don’t.

5. You can’t even argue, you’re just a care giver.

A: ugh.. fine you’re right. I’m just the care giver that takes care of your loved one. I’m just the girl that wipes a** to make sure they don’t get infections that could really harm them. I just hold their hand and hug them when they’ve lost of recollection of who they are. I sit with them as they are dying and pray with them for their passing to be easy. I hold their wounds together while 911 is on the way. I feed them when they no longer have the strength to hold a spoon. I stand up for them when their rights have been taken away. I shower them. I give them medication and try my best to find what can take the pain away. I’m just a care giver. I love them as if they are my own family, and take care of them as if they were my own child.

I guess being just the “care giver” isn’t half bad if you think about it. I’m changing someone’s day, while they’re teaching me lessons that change my entire life


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