Oh, mother.


I need somebody.

……. but for real…. send in someone who specializes in being a mom. Because right now, I can’t tell if I’m making my daughter stronger, or in fact, making her hate me. I know, I know… that sounds a bit dramatic and over board. But seriously how scary is it knowing that you have a human being…. that you’re responsible for… and that means making them mad sometimes. It’s terrifying.

(Momma needs a cocktail made out of chamomile tea with honey! STAT.)

Okay now that I’m done having my mental break down of emotions, this is where sh*t gets real. I have a sixteen year old that is full of life. She’s intelligent, sarcastic, stubborn, and so many more things. All of these qualities are amazing ones to have…..however, sweet child of mine….. I need to teach her how to use them in the right way.

Current situation. My daughter is a straight A+ student… yes… you read that correctly… A+. How she understands the things they teach in public school nowadays…..I have no freaking clue, but here she is killing it. Totally “slaying” high school…… until today…. when Momma checked the grade book. My little Einstein went from straight A+’s all year so far… to c’s….b’s…. and a couple A’s……. and a D. Wait what? You mean her grades dropped just randomly and that fast? Yes. Yes. And again… YES! Holy sh*t, my mind was blown…. and partially still is. Uh, flash back….. I said this at sixteen. No, dear lord. There I am. I’m currently hiding in my bathroom typing my little heart out over this situation. Although my daughter is not bio….. she has so many of the same qualities I did, and still do have.

“I get it mom. Whatever you want me to have good grades. Okay. Yeah”. Translation *** I’m never going to use half of this sh*t in life, and I really just want to go to my room. News flash mi amigo. You use half of that sh*t every single day. Literally. Your good grades in high school, reflect the work ethic you put out at your future job. I use math…. every single day. I use grammar…. every single day. I use common sense…… 24/7. Oh how I wish I would have listened to the teachers drilling it into my brain about adult hood. How I wish, I could drill into my daughters brain.

Sweet girl if you some day read this.

I know you can do whatever you set your mind to… I know you can be whoever you want. You are smart, driven, strong and so many more things. I love you. Please get good grades.

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