teaching, but learning.

Yes, I’m that parent. Yes, I’m sitting in my daughters class. Yes, I went to school with her. Embarrassing? Yes. Overbearing? Yes. Despite the weird looks from her classmates, and the awkward whispers in the hall… it’s all for a purpose. It’s all for a teaching and learning opportunity. Teaching my daughter that waking up, showing up, and staying put in class is better than having your mom sit in class with you on her day off from work to make sure that you are doing what you’re supposed to be doing, and you are where you’re supposed to be while school is in session. The learning opportunity? It was seeing how amazing and intelligent our kid is. It’s seeing that even though right now it’s not apparent to her, she will move mountains one day with the brain she has in her head. It’s learning about the way our kid communicates with others in her class. It’s seeing how kind she is, even when others are not always kind them selves…. and it’s seeing that she watches everything WE do.

Today I learned a lesson from the lesson we are teaching our daughter. TUNE IN, ACCEPT WHAT HAS HAPPENED, FOLLOW THROUGH WITH CONSEQUENCES, and above all else….LOVE YOUR CHILD ENDLESSLY. Mistakes will happen. Poor choices will happen, from not only our children…. but from (you) parents as well. Tune in. Except what has happened. Follow through on the consequences…. take the opportunity to learn from what you are teaching… and regardless of everything… love your child. Through the good, the bad… and the ugly. It makes a difference in their life.


Happy Tuesday everyone.


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