first blog post, oh lord.

Hey everyone!

I’m excited that you’ve decided to dig a little further into my blog! If anyone is even reading this….. if not…. I guess I’m typing all of this to myself!  I know some people have a theme for the things they blog about…. however mine will sort of be all over the place.  I’ll be blogging about my life and living with depression, and anxiety. I’ll be blogging about my amazing partner and girlfriend Marisa Anne. I’ll be blogging about things that piss me off throughout the week. I’ll be blogging about my life with my dogs and how much I love them. There is no limitation to what I can and will share… so hang on tight and enjoy the read!

so anyways…. here’s a little about ME… and my story.

My name is kelsey, obvi. I’m 23 years old, and I work in the medical field as a QMAP and care giver. I love my job, the people I meet and get to take care of, and I love that each person brings a new lesson to my life. I was born in Virginia and somehow ended up in grand junction Colorado. Most people hate this town, but just like anywhere you go a place will have its ups and its downs. I’ve packed my things countless times and moved away… but for some reason I’ve found my self calling this little town home, again….. and possibly forever this time. I’m in love with my little slice of heaven Marisa Anne. This woman is gold, and is just hands down the best thing I’ve ever been blessed with. Who knew I would walk into jimmy johns for a sandwich, and see my entire life right there behind the counter. crazy right? But that story is for another post. we have FOUR dogs….. yes you read that correctly. FOUR. Milo, Duke, Kooper, and Petunia (luna) are our children. They are absolutely crazy and have the silliest personalities, but we love them more than anything.

I love the out doors, and cooking, and eating, and singing and painting and dancing and reading and basically anything else there is to do in this world. I aspire to make a difference in this world, and help as many people as I can before my time here is up. I have depression, and anxiety. I live with both of them every single day and right now I’m fighting more than ever to be off my antidepressants FOREVER. I also have a tiny form of OCD that helps me cope with my depression and anxiety…. so its an interesting yet comical combination of things to experience.


Anywho, this was my first blog post!

See ya later world!


  • kelsey

One thought on “first blog post, oh lord.

  1. I read it, and it seems i’m the first and only to comment. Welcome to the world of blogging, even though this was a few months ago now. … I found myself starting to blog and like you there isn’t a real theme. I found it soothing to be honest with you, took my mind off the daily grind of things , or helped with it. Either or I find it fun. ..

    I’ve read a few of your entries now, and about to read the rest. Hope you keep it up. I’ll be following for sure. 🙂 ❤ K


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